LittleBigPlanet is one of the reasons the PlayStation is my favoriite console (along with God of War and Uncharted).  I made some chemistry-themed levels that, by some freak twist of fate, ended up earning me an award/grant from and the MacArthur Foundation.


Mill Creek

I got bored once and wrote a novel. I put it out myself in 2008. It went nowhere, and is now out of print, but in the end it became a nice primer for putting out my textbook.

Mark's Chemistry Tutor (90's version)

The internet was just a baby in 1995.  The most popular browser was Netscape, Yahoo was nothing but a list of links, and since modem speeds were limited to a blazing 28 kb/sec, pirating was limited to those lucky enough to know someone in a warez ring.  As I was finishing my first year of grad school I learned that I too could join the literally thousands of people joining this world wide web thingy.  There were already enough pages devoted to Van Halen and Star Wars, so I figured I'd do a page on the only other thing I knew anything about: general chemistry. 

To this day, I'm positive that it was the very first online general chemistry tutor.  If you can prove otherwise, send me an email.   Yes, I actually had to type in the HTML, but later on I upgraded to the clunky marvel that was Microsoft Frontpage (thank you warez ring).  I actually finished General I and started the second semester, but after a while I had a baby, then a job, so it eventually fell by the wayside.

I actually had it up on the old site, but when I switched to a newer version of Squarespace it ended up being too much of a hassle to add it. Eventually I found it at in all it's mid-90's glory! Yes, that's a Netscape button at the bottom. I know I'm old. Shut up.