Playing in traffic

This site only gets a couple hundred unique visitors a month (my PageRank is 4, whatever that means) and, truth be told, a lot of 'em stumble here by accident.  Usually it's because some off-the-cuff remark I made in a post just happened to match someone's vague Google search.  At least once a week for the past ten months, someone shows up because they discovered you could spell dirty words with chemical element symbols.  Oddly enough, when I actually try to bring in these random visitors, it doesn't work.

Most of the time the Google search has little or nothing to do with the page that shows up in their results.  One time, someone actually came to this site because they were searching for naked Asian pictures, all because I mentioned that Ken "Senor Chang" Jeong was the naked Asian guy from The Hangover.  No, really.  See for yourself.

You'll also notice that someone came here looking for "jason statham naked," because I mentioned Statham in that same journal entry (along with a picture of him shirtless, which probably explains most of my visits due to image searches).

You might also notice that during this time period only a handful of people were actually looking for me.  And no, I don't play bass - or fish, if that's what they actually meant, nor do I have any affiliation with the "city of league city," whatever that is.  I also haven't been suspended.  So far. 

Honestly, I was almost afraid to post my little spiel on the Downfall meme this past weekend.  God help me when Google's webcrawler discovers that one.