Chartin' Off - Birdman

The thought process that goes into making the pointless decisions for a pointless list (albeit one on a pretty nifty website).

Birdman vs. ...


Oh, my God...(maniacally laughter)...Good one, Flickchart...(wipes tears from eyes)...Oh, goodness...anyway. Decision: Birdman

The Last King of Scotland

That's better. This is a tough one. Two actors giving it their all portraying people who may or may not be batshit insane (and that may or may not be a pun). Supporting actors were great in both as well. But in tough calls I usually go with the the one that I'm most likely to see again, and there some shit Idi Amin does in LKoS (or LKvS, according to the movie poster they picked to show) that I'd rather not see again. Decision: Birdman

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery

At this point I'm thinking the website is sentient and either reading what I'm typing or (God help us all) reading my thoughts. I just gave the whole "what would I want to watch" justification and it follows with a movie I have seen a ridiculous number of times. If it was one of the later Austin Power movies, Birdman would be an easy pick, but I will never ever quote anything in Birdman as much as I did this movie. Oscars be damned... Decision: Austin Power - International Man of Stop Looking at Me Like That!

Cape Fear (1991)

You ever notice how De Niro kicked off each of the last 4 decades? 1980: Raging Bull, 1990: Goodfellas, 2000: Rocky & Bullwinkle, 2010: Little Fockers. Jesus... Decision: Birdman

Blade Runner

I could base my decision on which movie had the vaguest ending, but then I'd have to decide which version of Blade Runner I'm going to base my decision on. Wouldn't matter, though: Decision: Blade Runner

3:10 to Yuma (2007)


Hey, a Batman v. Batman match up finally happened. Even with the re-imagined Papa Superman to back him up, it's an easy pick  Decision: Birdman

Gone with the Wind

Did you think I was crazy for picking Austin Powers earlier? Well, you're probably gonna hate this pick. On a side note, the Japanese poster for Birdman kicks ass. Decision: Birdman (or The Virtues of Not Telling Me How to Rank My Favorite Movies)


Apparently FlickChart is sentient and is wondering how many people I can piss off in one post. Decision: Birdman

Napoleon Dynamite

Bow to your sensei, Napoleon. Bow to your Sensei! Decision: Birdman

Iron Man 3

I like to think that when Robert Downey, Jr. has conversations with his superhero's movie poster, the poster is the one that's getting annoyed and wishing the other would leave him alone. Or maybe it's a poster of one of his many mug shots. Anyway, I just remembered the Iron Man joke in Birdman.  That alone makes this decision easy: Decision: Birdman

Final Verdict: 

If you already despise my taste in movies, you'll probably want to avoid the rest of my FlickChart.