Resolution Calling

I've been thinking up some new stuff for a while and it's starting to finally rear it's head. The fact that it's happening at the start of the year is mostly coincidental (mostly). When you're a college teacher, you don't really think about New Year's Day as much as you do New Semester's Day, and that'll happen two or three times a year (depending on whether or not you teach summer term; maybe more if your teach a couple of summer terms).

I've finally switched over to Squarespace 7 after ignoring version 6. I'm not exactly making massive traffic in this little speck of cyberspace, but making the switch reminded me why I made this stupid site in the first place (beside my craving for attention and belonging). So I'm going to try and post more, mainly for me, but if it amuses the occasional wanderer from YouTube, that's cool too. 

Speaking of which, I'm finally getting around to doing more on the video front, now that I'm (mostly) done exploring the groundbreaking frontier that is printed media. I've been toying around with doing study-type session on Google Hangouts for a while, and beta tested the idea last semester, but since Google automatically converts the live feed to a YouTube video - and most of my students seemed to watch the reply - I decided to make it a show of sorts. I'm calling it Mark's Chemistry Tutor after my old web page from the 90's. It will most likely not grow much beyond my own captive audience, but that'll be OK. Like I said when I was writing the book, I don't plan on quitting my day job anytime soon. 

That being said, if you could do me a solid a tell five or ten thousand of your closest friends and fellow students to watch it and/or buy my book, that'd be swell. 

Man, I feel so dirty now.