The first year of using my book as the (official) textbook has run its course. Fixed a few more typos and a second revision of both volumes should be forthcoming in time for fall. A very heartfelt thanks to all of the students who reported typos to me (albeit for extra credit; it was a good time for a couple of people to take my class, if you know what I mean). And a heartfelt apology for those in my adjuncts' classes that might have had a rougher time than I had hoped, though what little feedback I've gotten from those folks seems to be mostly positive as well.

And if anyone's curious about how much freakin' work I've put into this thing, I've added a little gallery over in the Photos sections for your bemusement.

The next phase will be to finally get around to doing the  ebook version. Most of my current students don't seem interested, but once it's out and only $5 or so it might be a popular option. The bitch is going to be coverting all the equations into image files, because apparently Amazon's Word/pdf-to-Kindle converter can't deal with anything made from Word's equation editor.

I was also considering putting a solutions manual together and throwing it up here for free, but even if I had the time (which I don't), I've decided not to. The number of students who actually ask me for help has gone up considerably now that they don't have a solutions manual to run to (especially when they think I might be the one that's wrong), plus I think a lot of people do a better job of figuring things out when that instant solution is taken away.

I have another pie-in-the-sky idea, but unless I either learn some programming or meet someone that does, it'll probably stay a pipe-dream in my head, so I probably shouldn't say (to the five people actually reading this).