A (Few) Thousand Words

For the last ten years or so (fuck, I'm getting old...) I would update my course Blackboard sites each week with a different banner image on the home page. Sometimes it would be a comic (Calvin & Hobbes, Foxtrot, etc), but a lot of them were ones I'd whip up using Microsoft Word and a cheap photo editor. It was mainly for my own amusement, but most of my students seemed to get a mild kick out of them, and the hope was they would log in each week to at least see what dumb thing I had posted.

Now that we've switched over to Sakai, I've decided to go ahead and retire the bit. Partly because it felt like a good time to do so, but mostly because image memes are so bloody prevalent these days it just looks like I'm some old guy trying to be hip. Still, some of them still amuse me, and I'd hate to let them gather virtual dust in some hard drive folder on my PC, so I figure I'd let them gather virtual dust on some Squarespace server folder for the handful of people that stumble here.

It also gave me a chance to finally fool around with Squarespace's Gallery widget.