Chartin' off: Gone Girl

The thought process that goes into making the pointless decisions for a pointless list (albeit one on a pretty nifty website).

Gone Girl vs...

Million Dollar Baby

I won't spoil either movie, but the third act of Gone Girl doesn't get nearly has horrific as it does in MDB. Unless you're this guy, that is (spoiler). Decision: Gone Girl


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Fincher vs. Wright. Affleck vs. Cera. Reznor & Ross vs. Sex Bob-omb. Something, something, spoilery about girlfriend troubles. Tough call, but I'm giving a sympathey vote for the one that flopped at the box office. Decision: Scott Pilgrim


The Jerk

Seriously? Decision: Gone Girl



Seriously? I give Scott Pilgrim the nod and you start throwing stuff from the 70's at the bottom of my list? It's like sending Liverpool down to League 1 because they lost a game to Man U (disclaimer: I actually have little to no knowledge of English football). No offense to my mom and everyone else that loves this movie, but I wasn't born during a world war, so... Decision: Gone Girl


Three Kings

That's a little better, though I can't seem to think of anything smart-ass to say. Decision: Gone Girl


I, Robot

I, Robut is currently ranked higher than Three Kings? That doesn't seem right. Anyway, I'm imagining a universe where Trent Reznor went into acting and Will Smith stayed in music and began scoring movies. Would've been two very different movies. Also, the theme songs to Men in Black and Wild Wild West would've been way more awesome. Decision: Gone Girl


The Exorcist

Another 70's flick I haven't seen in ages. I actually saw it once in the college, thought it was OK, but not the scare-fest I was led to believe. Gotta side with the Finch. Decision: Gone Girl


Hot Shots

This one's actually a hard pick, though mainly because I'm worried that if I pick Hot Shots, it'll just send me back down the list to another movie I haven't seen or thought about in 25 years. Decision: Gone Girl


Little Shop of Horrors

Oh, for shit's sake! Decision: Gone Girl


Scott Pilgram vs. The World (again)

Flickchart has suddenly turned into a circle of hell. Decision: Scott Pilgrim (again).




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