To Err is Human

Someone once said that art is never finished, only abandoned. I don’t know who said it first, but ironically I heard it first from this guy: 

When I sent Volume 1 of ChemNovel to press at beginning of the year, I knew there were still a few typos, but it needed to be released so I could have an ISBN to give to the bookstore in time for fall book orders. Thankfully, the folks at Lulu allow me to perform minor updates and “patch” the book, which double-thankfully I was able to do before the bookstore actually ordered the first batch. Unlike software and games, though, I can’t actually patch any copies that may have been bought in the interim. On the off chance you bought a copy of version 1.00 and you’d really like an updated copy, let me know and I’ll try to work out some kind of swap. 

True story: mere minutes after I had (supposedly) finished version 1.10, I was sitting at my desk with some random page opened in Word. My girlfriend walked into the room to tell me something, and as she was walking out she took a brief glance at my computer monitor and said, “electrons.” 


 “Iron has six electrons, not six electron.”

 So I corrected that copy (mumbling something along the lines of “motherfucker…”), and I’ve found a couple of other teenie formatting glitches since, but overall I think it’s time to abandon Volume 1, at least for a year or so while I finish Volume 2 (which is still TBD 2013).