These days, I'm usually late to the party with just about everything.  That's one reason I don't usually post any viral videos or meme-related stuff.  Between it finally reaching me and me finally getting around to writing about it, everyone with a blog or a Facebook account has already said everything that can be said, and the virus has pretty much been contained.  Plus, my little slice of the web is so small I'm not usually spreading the word far enough to do anyone any real favors.  Plus, I just think blogs that do nothing but that are dumb.

But if I can get one person that's stumbled here to start watching Puddin', then the $15 a month I spend on a Squarespace account will be worth it (at least until this darn chem book finally comes out)

Puddin' is a series of thirty second to one minute videos that are basically the antics of a creepy degenerate (the brilliant Eddie Pepitone) and a guy in the foreground who tries to ignore him as he eats his titular pudding cup.  It's weird, off-beat, and often vulgar.  Pretty much right up my alley.

It just celebrated it's one-year anniversary and, as I'm writing this, yesterday's video only had about 2,000 hits.  Their most viewed video came out 6 months ago and only has about 38,000 views (the fact that it's called "Porn" probably has something to do with that, though).  Most currently have between 6,000 and 20,000 hits.  In an age where someone's guaranteed a million views for doing nothing but filming their stupid cat, those are numbers that make comedy lovers such as myself want to turn off their computer and commit Japanese ritual suicide.

I don't care if I had a 3 year head start, none of my chemistry videos should have more hits than the combined views of videos guest-starring Patton Oslwalt

and Weird Al

So the next time you're about to click on that video of some cat with a Hilter mustache taking a nap, or a highlight reel of awesome Call of Duty kills, or some douchebag's webcam response to the latest Lil' Wayne video, maybe have a lil' Puddin' instead.  You'll be glad you did.