Hate leads to Insuffering

When I saw that NASA had announced the discovery of a Tatoonine-like planet the day before the arrival of the Star Wars Blu-ray collection, I’ll admit my first thought was that it was an elaborate marketing ploy on the part of Lucasfilm.  More than likely, though, it was the other way around and NASA realized that the only way to get anyone to pay attention to them was to issue a press release loaded with Star Wars references right before the films' high def debut.  It’s a sad reflection of the world we live in that a) NASA has to resort to publicity stunts like this in order for us to pay attention to something that should otherwise blow our minds, and b) we actually believe George Lucas wields the power to order a government agency around.

I find your lack of faith disturbing

In the two-plus years I’ve had this site I’ve avoided writing anything related to the Bearded One (almost).  I wanted to be above that.  Plus, being a near-forty community college teacher that still plays video games, I already have a hard enough time getting dates.  Then again, it’s not like anyone but my mother and people with an unhealthy obsession over a certain actor are going to read this, so I may as well speak my peace and get it over with.

One of the many reasons I’m grateful for my son is that he's kept me grounded in reality while so many of my generation have spent the past 15-20 years clinging desperately to some nostalgic, idealized version of the 80’s, emphatically denying any notion that what we enjoyed and loved as kids wasn't nearly as commercialized and awful as the stuff kids like today.

...and denying is half the battle

By far, the best/worst example is Star Wars.  During Weekend Confirm’s E3 podcast this past summer, the upcoming Star Wars Kinect game came up and someone mentioned that it looked like it was for kids, to which totally rad host Jeff Cannata replied, “that's because the Star Wars franchise is more for kids now…sadly, that’s something we all have to admit.”  It’s the now bit that made we want to reach through the internet and smack him wish a 1981 Sears Wish Book.  My parents (and I’m assuming Jeff’s) were in their in their 30’s in the early 80’s.  Do you think they've ever thought of the Star Wars franchise as "theirs?”  Did you see baby boomers flocking to message boards these past few weeks, bitching about the latest changes to their “Holy Trilogy” and accusing George Lucas of rape?  Do you think anyone over 60 one-starred the Blu-rays on Amazon.com? 

Yeah...you showed 'em.

As for kids today - or ten years ago (like my son), not only could they care less about changes made to the original trilogy, but they actually like the prequels (including Jar Jar).  In fact, most kids like them better than the OT.  I once knew a couple of six-year-olds that had Lego Star Wars: The Complete Saga on Wii and when they wanted to play it, they would ask their mother if they could play “Clone Wars.”  When they played the OT levels, they would call Luke "Anakin."  Because that's what Star Wars is to them, and there's nothing wrong with that.  And before you talk of how sad that is, or cry heresy, look inside yourself.  Look deep into those long, forgotten recesses of your soul and remember that one Sunday evening in 1984 when you had their same joy and innocence as you sat on the couch, wearing nothing but your Star Wars underoos, and watched this...