My last two LittleBigPlanet/HASTAC levels are up.  I'm not expecting them to tear up the LBP-a-sphere, but if you're a science nerd, you might get a kick out of them.

The Periodic Table: Chemical Symbols

The Periodic Table: Chemistry Trivia

If you're wondering where the lanthanide and actanide series are, I left them out so I wouldn't have to shrink the table as much. 

On the surface, they seem pretty simple, and as far as gameplay goes I suppose they are.  They're just a couple of versus levels.  But that doesn't mean I didn't earn my pay from HASTAC.  Here's a peak at what's going on under the hood:


And while you're loading up your LBP queue, make sure you add fellow DML winners Team KAIZEN's Discovery Inc levels