Let me start by saying I know very little to nothing about the information techology business, especially when it comes to the software side of things.  I've never had to analyze large amounts of system data.  I have balanced a checkbook before, though, including times when my statement didn't match my ledger at first, so that puts me ahead of many of the people posting comments over at IGN and Joystiq. 

I'm not saying Sony did or didn't screw up during the past week, but either way, I can't really blame Sony for taking five days before disclosing what happened.  Again, I'm no IT guy, but I'm going to guess that sifting through a shit-ton of network data is a lot tougher than than CSI: Wherever The Hell makes it appear to be.   Plus, when you're a billion dollar company, I imagine every official statement has to pass through a dozen or so people.  And when it only takes 24 hours for the phrase, "class-action lawsuit" to start getting bounced around once you've released said statement, I have a hard time blaming them for being so cautious.

On a brighter note, with no PSN I ended up spending most of my Easter Monday working on another LBP level for the guys at HASTAC.  It's just a little versus level, but it's turning out alright.