Save Our letting it end with dignity.

As much as I love Arrested Development, I've never been part of the group that's clamored for a fourth season.  Not even a movie.  It ended when it needed to, and how it needed to.  No weddings, no surprise pregnancies, no relatives that no one ever spoke of until they showed up - coincidentally - after another person left the show. 

No Ted McGinley (ask your parents)

In other words, nothing that every other American TV show has ever done to milk a series to death.  Three perfect seasons.  No shark jumped.

Ricky Gervais once said that one reason the UK version of The Office only lasted fourteen episodes is that it didn't make sense that a documentary crew would be following those guys around for more than a couple of years.  The US version is into its eighth year and just aired it 160th episode.

Family Guy's in it's 10th season.  Did anyone see that recent episode that dealt with domestic abuse?  The one that opened with Quagmire nearly killing himself from auto-erotic asphyxiation? 

So when I hear that a great show about seven people attending community college might be ending after three years - the same time period that the average student spends at a real community college, by the way - I'm actually relieved.  Especially when they're already into their third hook up between the main cast (four, if you count Chang and Shirley).

Seriously?  It's already our turn?