Lab Harder

Here's a clip from a LittleBigPlanet level I did for HASTAC.   I had hoped to finish it before the start of the holidays, so I could dive into the LBP2 beta, but I ended up teaching organic chemistry for the first time in a long time (on top of my normal teaching load, at that) so it got put on the back-burner a few times.

Sackboy fans can queue it up here.

I had done a few levels in LBP before, but this was my first attempt at trying my hand at a story-based level.  Considering the limited time I had to work on it last semester (though I easily put in 30+ hours on) I think it turned out alright.

I think everyone that considers themselves a gamer should try to create a level in LBP...or Spore, or anything beyond a map for a multplayer shooter (not that those don't require time and talent to be good, as well).  With a deadline.  It gives you an appreciation of what a game developer goes through, minus the fear of losing your home if the level tanks, that is.  But there is the nausea that comes from seeing all that work you put into a level getting a fraction of the plays of a costumes level.