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I cannot emphasize enough how much of a fucking idiot you are.  I’m saying this knowing that a) people I actually know have done this and b) my mom’s going to scold me for cursing.  I don’t know why it bugs me so much.  It’s an election year and bullshit like this is par for the course.  It’s probably because I’ve spent most of my adult life in places where diversity didn’t just mean race or whether you were Baptist, Lutheran, or Methodist.  I’ve had Muslim classmates and colleagues.  I’ve taught Muslims.  I also remember that guys like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, or Ted Kaczynski weren't Muslim.  It's interesting how religion's only a motivating factor for hatred when it's not the one you believe in.

Hey, speaking of made-up controversies, the mainstream press recently learned that you’ll get to play as the Taliban in Metal of Honor’s multiplayer, but from what I can tell there aren’t too many that seem upset about it (yet...maybe when Hannity or O'Reilly finds out, which I'm betting will happen right before the game's release date).  I’m guessing that’s a let down for EA’s PR department.  I had a chance to play the PS3 beta and I have to admit it did feel pretty weird when it was my turn to play as the Taliban, and in a way it felt kinda wrong, even though it’s essentially no different than playing as the made-up Middle East faction from Call of Duty 4.  EA isn't doing much to ease my mind.  They can talk about how they’re trying to tell a story, like a filmmaker would, but that defense only works for the single-player mode (and I'm assuming you're not the Taliban in that).  What story are you trying to tell in multiplayer?  And why does your script contain so much tea-bagging and headset-wearing douchbags?  As for comparing it with children playing war or cops-n-robbers, the main flaw in that argument is that little kids playing make-believe in the 40’s probably didn’t end their little fantasy with the the Germans winning.  Well, I suppose the German kids did.  Anyway, imagine how funny it would be if the people assigned to play as the Taliban in MoH lost on purpose every time.  Never fired a single fake bullet, just found the nearest American solider and hit the jump button repeatedly.

Hey, speaking of poor attempts at commercialism, over the summer I decided to "re-release" the digital version of Mill Creek, mainly for my own amusement (same reason I wrote it in the first place).  After getting a Kindle for Christmas last year I finally got to see how badly formatted my original attempt was (my apologizes to the three people that bought it), plus it gave me a chance to upload a more recent version with fewer typos.  I also made an iCopy for Apple’s various iProducts.  I have to admit it looks pretty good on their iBooks app, though on the iPhone’s small screen the page count is more than double the actual book.  I like how you can use the touch screen to “flip” the pages.  It’s not perfect (a lot better than version 1.0, though), but I think it's worth at least two bucks.  C'mon, if you spent $500 or more on an iPad, you're obviously recession-proof enough to throw me a freakin' bone.