Even though the official press release isn't out yet, the winners of the Game Changers competition were announced this morning (by this guy, no less), and, yeah, I was one of 'em.  I've actaully known for a couple of weeks, but I wasn't allowed to say anything 'til now.

I'm very honored, especially in light of the other winning entries.  I guess if there's any reason I made the cut, it's that the science behind my idea overcame the utter lack of design in my demo level.  I guess in that regard, they're a bit like alpha builds or proof of concepts.    At one point I actually did think about making them into "proper" levels, especially after the water patch was released.  You know, put in some proper lighiting, a story, etc.  But being a small fish in a pond of 2.5 million doesn't offer much motivation to do so.  Until now, anyway.