Das Ende einer Ära

Are the ones who made Downfall just now discovering that people have been making Hilter videos on YouTube for the past few years?  If not, they certainly took their sweet time complaining about them. 

Now that they've asked YouTube to take the videos down, some people are crying foul, claiming the videos fall under fair use as parody (which I agree).  Others are thankful because the bit jumped the shark a long time ago (which I agree). 

But the thing I find most confusing is that, according to the story in the above link, Jewish organizations were critical of the parodies because they find them distasteful.  Why would making fun of Hilter offend Jews?  Wouldn't it be a lot more offensive to, I don't know, Nazis?  And who cares what those guys think?  They're Nazis.  To me, it's like Blacks being offended of someone making fun of the Klan.  Of course, I'm neither Jewish nor Black, so I could be wrong.  Abraham Foxman, director of the Anti-defamation League, seems to have a problem with the videos (shocking, right?).  In the article I link above, he's quoted as saying:

"We feel that they trivialize not only the Holocaust but World War II. Hitler is not a cartoon character."

Actually, Hitler is a cartoon character, and has been for a long, long, long, long time.   But that doesn't trivialize the Holocaust any more than bin Laden toilet paper trivializes 9-11.  If anything, it's a fitting punishment for a man so despicable that he ruined a surname as well as a once-popular mustache style.  People like Hilter (or bin Laden, or the Klan) want to be feared and demonized.  That gives them power and brings people to their cause.  The best way to strip that power away is to humiliate the living piss out of them.  Like so... 

hitler jam.gif

That, or completely forget about them, which is what we've apparently done with Stalin.