Fly on the wall

[Ad agent #1]  Hey, I've got an idea for the new Tiger Woods commercial: Tiger stares somberly at the camera whle his father does a voice-over giving words of wisdom

[Ad agent #2] Isn't his dad dead?

[#1] Yeah, but we can just pull a sound byte from an old interview or something.

[#2] But...he's dead.  Wouldn't that seem a bit distasteful?  Or at the very least creepy?

[#1] Dude, we're an ad agency.  We've made Fred Astaire's ghost dance with a vacuum cleaner and John Wayne's hock beer.  And those went over I remember, anyway.

[#2] Fair enough, but all Tiger's going to do is stare at the camera?

[#1] Yeah. 

[#2] He won't say a word?

[#1] Nope.  Just stands there, remorsefully listening to his dead father.  It's simple, it humanizes Tiger, and it sends the message that he really regrets what he's done.  We can even show it in black & white to give it that extra bit of emotion.  Awesome, right?

[#2] I don't know, man.  It seems like the internet would have a field day with that.

[#1] Oh come on, what's the worst that could happen?