New brain...

I’m not usually the type that complains about taxes.  Running a country this big does cost money, after all, and I get paid pretty well to do what I do, so Uncle Sam can have a bit of my paycheck in return for keeping the roads paved and to make sure other countries don’t conquer us.  Just stop telling racist jokes to my son.  Wait, sorry, wrong uncle.

I am, however, starting to think that the U.S. Census Bureau has been given a lot more money than they know what to do with.  Not only did they spend several million on a Super Bowl commercial, but they thought the best way to reach out to the average American was to ask the guy that made Waiting for Guffman to make it.  I’m not sure if it’s been on TV since then because I watch most of my shows through Hulu and lately they only seem interested in having me see She’s Out of My League.  I can't seem to find the commercial on YouTube, oddly enough, not even on the bureau's own channel.  There are YouTube and Facebook pages related to the commercial, neither of which seem to make any actual mention of the census.  I could be wrong, but I'm fairly sure that the most of the 750 or so people that are currently fans of "Payton Schlewitt's" Facebook page already knew the census was coming.  The other 99.9997% of the people in this country probably aren't getting the joke, least of all the message behind it.

Even better than that, though, is a letter I got yesterday from the bureau whose sole purpose was to tell me to expect my census form the following week.  In other words, they sent me a letter that said they were going to send me a letter.  I’ll repeat: they sent me (and millions others, I’m assuming) a letter to tell me they were going to send me another letter, one that will undoubtedly be much thicker and harder to miss.  That is literally straight out of a Monty Python sketch (at around 1:35 in the video below).