Fly, fatass, fly...


I have to admit, my initial reaction to Kevin Smith's recent fight with Southwest Air was that it had to be a brilliant publicity stunt for his upcoming movie, Cop Out.  I'm not sure who that says less of: me or Hollywood marketing.  Of course, it couldn't be a PR gimmick because Southwest Air wouldn't be dumb enough to agree to look this foolish, plus Warner Brothers hasn't seemed too interested in wanting people to know that this movie was directed by the same guy who gave us Mallrats.

I'm assumng Mr. Smith was flying first class, a class I've never actually flown myself.  I see it every time I board a plane, though, and those are some nice, wide seats.  That big coat he wears when he plays Silent Bob hides a lot, apparenly.

I'm starting to fly a lot more these days for work-related stuff and I know first-hand that flying next to someone who wears a size XXL or larger isn't that fun.  I was heading to Utah for a meeting last year and spent four hours with my shoulders scrunched forward at a 45 degree angle because I was next to a guy twice my size.  And I'm not that small, myself (not overwieght, though; I can still stand straight up tilt my head down and see my...toes).  That said, making fat people buy two seats is retarded moronic.  I say airlines should either a) have a few extra-wide seats reserved for extra-wide folks and if they don't fill (so to speak), give some lucky coach passenger a little taste of first class seating or b) distribute passengers in a way that ensures that the biggest person on the plane sits next to the smallest.  That way if his tubby arms dangle into the adjacent seat, it'll be no big deal.  Whatever they do, make it quick.  I have a trip to San Francisco coming up.