Am I prof or not?

I was messing around Apple’s app store not too long ago and stumbled across ratemyprof’s app.  It’s good to know that students no longer have to wait until they get home to blame me for failing a test.

For the uninitiated, is a place where teachers can go when they want to know what Michael Bay and George Lucas feel like every time they go online.  It’s currently owned by MTV networks, which explains why two of the three criteria for judging an instructor is how easy and hot they are.  Because if there’s anyone you can trust you education to, it’s the company that gave us The Real World and Jersey Shore.

Welcome to Dr. Situation's A&P class, yo!
Today's lesson...Bam!

The funny thing about the site is that, despite its infamy, only a ridiculously small percentage of people actually use it.  I’ve been at my current school for about six years now and have taught roughly 1200 students, but only 12 people have rated me (several of whom couldn’t even bother to get the course prefix and/or number right).  There are people who have taught there since the site began that have half that number.  Even at universities  like UNC, where class size can be ten times larger, most teachers have had fewer than 10 people rate them.  Basically, this site is getting tons of  notoriety – and traffic – despite the fact that 1% or fewer of its intended audience actually cares enough to use it.  Of course, that’s about the same percentage of Americans that actually watch Jersey Shore, so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Whatever...YouTube loves me.