Rule #32: Enjoy the Little Things

I wouldn't say I've officially entered my mid-life crisis, but then again you don't really "enter" it. It's more like you see a door at the end of a long hallway with some writing on it and when you get close enough to see that it says "Middle Age" the door bursts open and some old, swollen thing that looks a little like you but looks waaaay too much like your dad grabs you and pulls you in before you have a chance to turn and run away (it usually grabs by the stomach...pulling it all out of wack...sometimes by the hair). I am standing at the door, but whatever's on the other side has only started to peer at me through this gaping hole it made, like Nicholson in The Shining ("Heeere's 40!").

Lately it seems that everything around me is a constant reminder that I'm getting old. My life's become multiples of 10's: 10 years into my career, a 20 year high school reunion, Empire Strikes Back turned 30, and I'm pretty sure that at some point in the past year I recently taught my 50th section of Gen Chem I. My son, who usually helps with barging the aforementioned door, has started asking questions like "Who's Roger Ebert?" and "So what's the big deal about O.J., anyway?" I recently watched (500) Days of Summer and all I could keep thinking was "Jesus, dude, get over it already and be glad lawyers weren't involved." And I don't even want to talk about The 40 Year Old Virgin (but thank God I don't collect action figures...and have had sex...I mentioned I had a son, right?).

There was one exception that happened a few days ago when I stumbled upon's "Gender Plot." At least musically I'm still in my 20's. And before you over-analyze this chart and question things like the actual, overall demographic of users, or wonder why a heterosexual man in his late 30's listens to Emilie Autumn or Meiko, how 'bout you piss off and give me this one little Twinkie in Zombieland.