Apple finally unveiled their tablet and it ends up being nothing but a giant iPod Touch.  Turns out even arthritic old people need to get their groove on.  Still, I suppose it is nice to see us getting one step closer to the world of Avatar and Minority Report.

I was predicting a starting price of $400 and I was off by a whopping hundred bucks.  Apple's home page currently calls this "an unbelieveable price."  Funny, that was my initial reaction, too.

I can’t wait for CNN to report on increasing unemployment rates then immediately cut to the outside of a Manhattan Apple store where hundreds of people are waiting in line to pay a minimum of $500 bucks for, again, an oversized iPod.  If that ain’t a black fly in your chardonnay, I don’t know what is.

I also found it interesting that the event was liveblogged by two of my favorite gaming websites, Joystiq and 1Up, both of whom have repeatedly bashed Sony over the years for how they’ve priced the PS3 and PSP.  There’s been several podcasts where they’ve essentially called Sony idiots for pricing the PSPGo at $250 then minutes later praise a game they’re playing on their $300 iPhone.  I paid $499 for my PS3 a few years ago (it's now down to $299).  It plays Blu-Ray movies and Uncharted 2.  For that same price I could have bought an iPad that plays hi-def YouTube and Rolando.  Gee, what was I thinking?