Fake Plastic Keys

There's work I need to do, but I don't feel like doing it, so I'm going to talk about video games.

I ended up buying Guitar Hero 5.  I wasn't, at least not right away, but the free GH Van Halen offer was too big of a carrot.  It's funny, but every time I think I'm done with music games the next one comes out and I find myself standing in my living room with a fake plastic instrument, feeling like a retard but having fun just the same.

I might be in the minority, but I still dig Guitar Hero over Rock Band.  I like the instruments better.  I like the open notes for bass (that's still not in RB, right?) and wished they'd do that for guitar.  I even dig the slider for tapping, though it's way overdone for most songs, especially Hot for Teacher (a song I can play for real, but not in Expert mode in a video game; go figure).  And if I was better at drumming, I'd probably like the expert plus mode.

I find it interesting that most jabs against Guitar Hero in the past year: the inability to import tracks, fewer songs on branded games, cartoonish licensed characters, a disc instead of DLC, are all true for the new Rock Band game.  Of course, that one features the Beatles, so naturally they get a free pass.

And if watching Kurt Cobain scream out an Iron Maiden song while Johnny Cash thrashes on an acoustic guitar doesn't make you laugh, lighten up.  They're dead musicians, not Mother bloody Theresa.  Besides, it's not nearly as bad as Mahatma Gandhi threatening to obliterate your country in Civilization Revolution. 

OK, I'm done sounding like a twelve year old.  Back to work...