Whatever gets my PageRanking up...

For the past couple weeks I've noticed people coming to this site because they're searching for "Mark Matthews, GM."  As it turns out, there's a Mark Matthews that's GM's director of used-vehicle activities and I happened to mention GM  - once, in passing- during a recent post, so when you search for this other guy it brings up my site.  Do the search on Yahoo and I'm actually the first link.

So just in case there are other Mark Matthews associated with a name brand:

Porn, Star Wars, Star Trek, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Microsoft, Sony, Adobe, Intel, AMD, Samsung, Toshiba, Wal-mart, Target, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Jones Soda, male enlargement, Paris Hilton, Perez Hilton, New York Hilton, American Idol, Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo, Activision, Atari, Sega, Gamestop, Burger King, Hardee’s, Cracker Barrel, K & W, Doonesbury, FoxTrot, Boondocks, MTV, John Stewart, The Onion, XM Satellite Radio, South Park, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers, Disney, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Bernic Mac, Big Mac, Big Lots, Big Boy, Astro Boy, Chocolate Rain, Hershey's Chocolate, Weezer, Metallica, Slipknot, Blink-182, Spinal Tap, Anthrax, Bird Flu, Swine Flu, H1N1, M1A1, Modern Warfare, Assassin’s Creed, Creed, Maroon 5, male enhancement, Ford, Toyota, Chevy, Crysler, Belushi, Akroid, Altoids, Transformers, Go Bots, Spider-man, Batman, Harry Potter, Go Daddy, Big Daddy, Who's your Daddy, NBA, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, MLB, UPS, FedEx, Motorola, Macintosh, Apple, Dell, Gateway, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Get sick, get Well, Hang around an ink well, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Def Jam, Nationwide, Prudential, State Farm, stamina, Geico, AT&T, Verizon, Subway, Quiznos, eBay, eTrade, eHarmony, eFile, IRS, FBI, NSA, NCIS, CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: NY, Boston Legal, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox, BET, Nickelodeon, History Channel, Discovery Channel, National Geographic, TLC (there are some depths even I won't sink too), Scientology, Catholicism, Southern Baptist, Jesus, Tom Cruise, Oprah, Dr. Phil, Dr. Drew, Dr. Oz, Dr. Dre, Dr. Who, Judge Judy, Judge Mathis, Judge Hatchett, Judge Ito, Judge Reinhold, Health Care, Home Care, Day Care, Care Bears, Build-a-Bear, Bear Attacks, Shark Attacks, Shark Week, Weekend at Bernie’s, sex, Netflix, Gamefly, Superfly, Superfuzz, Hot Fuzz, Shaun of the Dead, The Office, My Name is Earl, 30 Rock, Rolling Rock, Budweiser, Coors, Guinness, Ripley’s, Well’s Fargo, Ticketmaster, DuPont, Kodak, Winston, R.J. Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool, Wolverine, X-men, Spider-man, Marvel, DC, Mad Magazine, Time Magazine, People Magazine, Sports Illustrated, TV Guide, National Enquirer, Weekly World News, The Onion, The Pope, The Dark Knight, The Da Vinci Code, The Killers, The Gap, Abercrombie and Fitch, Macy’s, Calvin Klein, Levi’s, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas, Foot Locker, Starbuck’s, Barnes & Noble, Border’s, Random House, Publisher’s Clearinghouse, Milton Bradley, Mattel, Gibson, Peavey, Ibanez, Pioneer, Magnavox, Dolby, THX, Papa John’s, The Father, Son and Holy Fonz.