Suspension of disbelief

Some are quick to say that Transformers 2 (Electric Boogaloo) sucked.  Sucked a lot.  Of course many of these people a) refuse to acknowledge how much they loved the Ewoks as kids - or Jar Jar, depending on their age, b) only watch indie movies by directors you've never heard of, or c) remember Watergate .  In either case, Michael Bay and DreamWorks could care less about your opinion.  Actually, I'm not sure they can even hear you, what with that giant wall of money between us and them.

Personally, I didn't feel ripped off or that I wasted two hours of my life.  The only problem I had with the movie was the scene where Shia LaBeouf was in his first class.  It's not the fact that the school's admission standards apparently include a body fat count.  It's when the professor walks in (a science teacher, mind you) and begins talking like he's performing a Shakespearean monologue, then takes one bite from an apple and dropkicks it to the front of the class, where a very attractive female picks it up and lustfully mouths the words "Thank you!"

Where is this college?  Is it the same place Indiana Jones taught in the 30's?  If so, is there an opening for a chemist? Because I'm pretty sure that at my current school kicking fruit at my students will only been seen as assault, sexual harassment, or just plain weird.  It certainly wouldn't give any 18-21 year old blond the desire to "meet me after class."  Not that I would (in case my department head or the academic dean is reading this).