When I first used Lulu to put the book out, they gave me a "storefront" that I decided to use as my webpage for the book.  It was the original home for

One of the ideas I had for the site was to have a author's commentary with various factoids and random stuff about the book.  At the time, Lulu had a blog section, so I decided that would be a good place for it, with a different post covering different chapters or sections of the book. Just something to do when I had time or didn't feel like working on Book Two or doing my real job (like right now).

I was more than halfway through the thing when Lulu decided to kill their blog section without warning (unless I missed an email, which I don't think I did) and I was too dumb to actually save a copy on my computer.  Now that I have the new site up and running I decided to try it again.  Right now there's only the intro, but I'll starting getting into the book itself next time.  With any luck I'll have covered the whole book by the end of August.