The high cost of being on the bottom

I was fooling around with the idea of putting out one of those"mass market" versions of Mill Creek (you know, the pocket-sized versions that are supposed to be cheaper).  I put that one bit in quotes because there really wouldn't be anything "mass market" about it.  You would have had to buy it straight from Lulu because setting it up to buy on Amazon (or B&N) would've tacked $4-5 to the price, which is why I never sold it in that format to begin with (also, for some weird reason, it acutally cost more to print in that format than the bigger trade versions.  Go figure).  Anyway, it turns out that Lulu's shipping and handling charges would practically double the price, so people would be just as well off getting  the current paperback at Amazon (or B&N), which qualifies for their free shipping deal.

I still might do it, but it would be a bigger up front investment on my part.  I'd essentially buy them in bulk for wholesale and have folks get them straight from me.  We'll see.  I'd still like to have a paperback version that's around $7, but at the same time I don't want a box full of them filling up the apartment.  There is the digital version that's only $3, but there are still tons of people whoaren't crazy about reading a 300 page book on a monitor (it's future though.  It's coming.  Prepare thyselves).