Carbon Footprints in the Sand

What do you know. the University of East Anglia actually exists.

Honestly, until last week’s “Climategate” scandal I had only heard the school mentioned in Monty Python skits.  For all I knew, the school was a complete work of fiction, like James Woods Regional High School, Glendale Community College, or Duke University.


Seriously, though, notice this whole media frenzy seems to center on a single email, out of the hundreds that were stolen: the one about the “trick” to hide the “decline.”  Of course, it doesn’t matter what the trick was and what decline they were trying to manipulate.  It’s like a Mad Lib, except you’re given more blanks than words.  They report something about tricking and hiding a decline and people can decide whatever nonsense they want.

You want to know why the media is only reporting on one email?  It’s because all of the rest in question are just regular, incredibly boring, conversations between guys with science degrees.  See for yourself.   Go ahead and look for the grand conspiracy.  Look for Waldo, while you’re at it.

It's official.  Climate change has now joined the Passion Parade, where people march and argue very loudly with very strong opinions about topics that they ultimately know nothing about.  Facts don’t matter; it’s what I feel to be true that’s important (a mantra, by the way, that isn’t exclusive to one side or the other).

Personally, I blame Al Gore.  That’s right.  The most inconvenient truth of all is that Al Gore was the worst thing to ever happen to climate change awareness.  Things were going just fine back in the 90’s.  The cause of global warming was undergoing significant debate within scientific circles, but it wasn’t really politicized (case in point: in 1997 the Senate unanimously decided that we shouldn’t sign the Kyoto Protocol).  But then Al showed up and became the multi-award winning poster boy for the cause, and now Rush Limbaugh, Fox News and half the country have to take the opposite stance simply out of principle.  

Wasn’t there anyone else willing to step up to bat for climate change?  I know Bono’s busy with the whole human rights thing, but last I checked there are three other guys in U2.  Heck, we have two Beatles left.  You’re telling me Ringo would have turned down a chance to win a Nobel peace prize?