Now that Neflix is coming to PS3 I'm starting to question why I still have an Xbox live gold subscription.  Microsoft recently reminded folks that soon gold memberships will also include Twitter, Last.fm and (bits of) Facebook, but we can already do that our PCs for nothing (and all Sony needs to do to trump MS on that is pay Adobe to make a PS3-specific flash player to make its web browser worth using).  The only other reason I have gold is, of course, online multiplayer and the last time I tried that on my 360 was Left 4 Dead, where I encountered as many order-barking douchebags as I did vomit-spewing zombies.  It's funny how several  hyperbole-loving podcasters/bloggers like to complain that "nobody" uses headsets on PS3, but I kinda like that fact.  I have a bigger problem with every tweener brat and mouth breather getting a free headset with their 360.