Among Seas

If you own a PS3 and have no interest in playing Uncharted 2, I will hunt you down and beat you with a fish.  A big one, like a tuna or something.  Why a fish?  Because if you come towards someone wielding a baseball bat, they know there's a chance you're about to throw down.  Come at someone with a fish and they'll probably just assume that you're on your way home from the market or a lake.  Then when you're close enough you wrap both hands around the tail and pai-yow!  They never see it coming.  Plus, no one's going to run to the cops and admit someone just beat their ass with a fish.  Not to mention that blood washes off a lot easier than fish stink.

What was I talking about?

Oh yeah, Uncharted 2.  It's good.  Really, really good.