Mark Matthews grew up in Rockingham County, NC. A graduate of the University of North Carolina and the University of Louisville, he currently lives in Raleigh.

His full time job is teaching chemistry.  Whether or not he's any good at it probably depends on who you ask and/or what grade they got in his class.  He's done a few tutorial videos, which can be found on YouTube, so you're welcome to judge for yourself.

Every now and then he likes to pretend he's a writer.  His first book, Mill Creek, came out in 2008 to thunderous silence.  In 2013 he released a two-volume general chemistry book, Chemistry: A Novel (Textbook), which he wrote in his spare time during those rare moments when he was able to keep his gaming addiction under control.

He did everything on this site himself.  That includes this page, so he's not sure why he decided to write it in third person. That also means any opinions expressed on this site are a) his own, b) either grossly misinformed or intentionally sarcastic, and c) will likely include a dirty word now and then (because he's a grown up, and odds are you are too).